We are podcast people

Do you have a story to tell?

An expertise to share?

An interesting opinion?

Now is the time to share it on a podcast.




But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone.

We collaborate with people & small businesses

that are looking for a creative way to get their personal or businesses brand out to a wider audience

This can create new audiences & connections and generate new leads and revenue streams.

Fairby Media - The Podcast People

Podcasts in the UK (and around the world) are growing year on year.

UK Podcast listeners


that’s one in eight people

that has increased


in the last year.

Regular Podcasts users listen to


Podcasts a week

Your fans/connections/clients/customers are probably listening to podcasts, create yours to connect directly to their ears.

* all data from ofcom.co.uk

Making regular podcasts can be pretty tough, especially for a small business.
We help smooth out the process and lead you on the path to podcast perfection.

Idea creation

To create a compelling story you need a solid theme or structure, we work with people and small businesses to find the starting point for your Podcast.


A great Podcast needs a great sound and it all starts with the recording.  We use quality equipment and voice coaching to get your voice sounding buttery smooth and easy on the ear.


Once we have your voice on “tape” we then can work on editing it into a professional sounding, compelling story.
We bring it all together with intro/outro music and audio beds (music behind you talking!) .


We host the podcast and then distribute to all the main apps and directories so that your podcast can be easily found and heard and listeners can subscribe.

Get in touch and lets have a chat.