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Overcoming anxiety with confidence coach Lorraine Biggs | 2: Tea & Business

Overcoming anxiety with confidence coach Lorraine Biggs | 2: Tea & Business

From Fairby Media this is Tea & Business a podcast bringing you stories behind the small & new businesses of the UK & the entrepreneurs that started them all told with a cup of tea & a biscuit.
In this episode we talk to Lorraine Biggs, a coach and mentor who works with business women to help them break free of anxiety and become more confident and create more profitable businesses.

Lorraine’s interesting story takes us from Surrey to Scotland to Salt lake City and back to the South of England, through many life change moments including depression, medical issues & crippling anxiety which would eventually bring her to a place where she can now help others in the same way she was.

Lorraine is currently looking for people to enrol on the pilot programme for ‘The Imposter Buster’ which is deigned to help businesswomen so you are able to start being more in your flow; creating healthy relationships with family and peers; starting to discover how to be more visible and sharing with the world your awesome self, and building a more profitable business in the process.
And if you or anyone you know wants to take part in this Pilot Programme (at a reduced price) and start to uplevel themselves, email Lorraine at lorraine@lorrainembiggs.co.uk or go to lorrainembiggs.co.uk for a confidential complimentary chat to discover if she can help you start to transform your life.

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